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Infrared technonolies for integrators

Infrared technonolies for integrators

You sell turnkey finishing solutions. Your customers face challenging curing issues. You need innovative, safe and reliable infrared drying technologies. Become our partner, distribute and integrate our range of Thermoreactors.

Your priority:
expertise and reliability

Infrared technologies for integratorsYou are looking for infrared drying expertise? We are a partner that you can count on. We provide you with full testing report and engineering support.


You need a highly reliable solution. Don’t take any risks with your brand’s image.

  1. Excellent support when you need it (24h/7 hotline).
  2. Operations around the world.
  3. Complete Technological training for the integration and support of our products.

Our services
dedicated to integrators

Pre-sales advice and expert support for your customers

  • A single contact-person with expertise in the sector (glass, plastic, metal, aluminium, composite, textile, etc.)
  • We study the performance of our technology on all types of coatings (paint, varnish, glue, mastic) and all types of surfaces

Technologies for industrial infrared drying

  • 20 dedicated products covering a large gas and electrical range at a variety of powers
  • 4 technologies: Gas fired radiant unit / Gas catalytic fibrous radiant burner / Ceramic gas catalytic radiant unit / Electrical radiant burner

Technical support

  • Dimension definition support
  • Design and integration support
  • On-site commissioning support of your customers’ drying unit
  • After-sales support


  • Training sessions on Infrared technologies, safety and standards
  • Calculation and sizing method
  • 1st level maintenance and repairs

Special access with technical fact sheets

  • Provision of regularly updated technical fact sheets (product specification, throughout and power, external dimensions and integration methods)
  • Examples of product files with drying time and productivity increases.
  • Provision of 3D and 2D drawings and samples of previous industrial oven installations


The advantages of infrared technology

Reduced drying time : up to 4 times faster

Increased productivity

Energy efficiency : performance 40% higher

Safety in an atmosphere with solvents : flameless technology thanks to our Thermoreactors® and Catherm®

Finishing quality

Cleaning up pollutants and solvents through catalytic combustion and out Air Recycling System technology

Energy saving and strong reliability in an aggressive atmosphere with our range of Ceratherm electric emitters


Sunkiss USA’s strengths

Inventor of flameless gas infrared radiant unit: the Thermoreactor®

Excellent technical support when you need it

Provision of testing equipment and material hire

Figures to note …


integrators worldwide


years of expertise with infrared technology


years integrating infrared technology solution into surface treatment


emitters multi-technology infrared in the range


m2 of testing facilities, provision of testing equipment, gas or electrical


h Customer support for customers holding contracts

Application samples

Scope of application Technical solution provided Benefit gained
Powder paint – Tunnel furnace for truck chassis stiffeners
– Replace electrical IR with our Catherm (R) technology
Cut energy consumption by 3
PVC floor covering – Replace an electrical technology with our band Ceratherms – 30% less energy consumption