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Partner for your industrial drying solution


Partner for your industrial drying solution

Designing and manufacturing your tailor-made infrared oven
Designing, manufacturing
we tailor your infrared oven to the specifications you need
Improving your oven’s productivity
Improve productivity
we improve the productivity of your oven
Maintaining your unit at optimal level
Maintenance work
we maintain your units at optimal level
Technical support infrared technologies for integrators
Our technical support
enjoy the benefit of our support for your maintenance work
Catalytic infrared technology

Catalytic infrared

Dries 4 times faster
40% higher performance
Flameless technology

Proven performances


Performances are confirmed in testing rooms

Rapid response technical support

technical support

24h hotline
Technician on your site
within 48h

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Sunkiss USA
Infrared technologies

As the inventor of the Thermoreactor®, Sunkiss USA is an admitted expert in paint drying and polymerisation. This infrared drying process is applied in curing ovens and spray booths and used in many industrial sectors. The main benefits of it are that it results in huge time saving and energy savings while delivering high quality in complete safety.